Professional Certificate Programmes

Professional Certificate in Purchasing Management

Professional Certificate in Purchasing Management

Course Objective

This Professional Certificate course equips students with the knowledge of purchasing principles & management in an organisation. The specialised course covers ten topics on Purchasing Management in an organisation.

This course comprises two modules: one taught module of Purchasing Management (PM); and one module of Online Learning (OL) on purchasing management.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Purchasing Management

2. Purchasing Decisions & Business Strategy

3. The Legal Aspects of Purchasing

4. Purchasing Procedures & E-Procurement

5. Supplier Selection & Evaluation

6. Strategic Outsourcing, JIT & Lean Purchasing

7. Global Sourcing and Supply Partnerships

8. Price-Cost Analysis and Purchasing Negotiation

Course Duration & Frequency

This part-time course can be completed within 3 months. The course is intensive and requires students to attend the class sessions once a week.

Delivery & Assessment

Our faculty comprises highly experienced practitioners with the requisite academic and professional qualifications.

The Online Learning module provides flexibility for students to learn at their own pace, and after completing the learning videos they will take an online examination.

In the PM module, students will sit for an examination at the end of the module. Students are expected to be engaged in interactive class discussions.

Admission Criteria

An applicant must be at least 21 years old, have at least 3 years of relevant work experience, and have a qualification not lower than a Diploma recognised by SIPMM. Those who do not meet the criteria but have the SIPMM Executive Certificate are eligible for admission.