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Welcome to SIPMM, the premier professional body dedicated to advancing the logistics, procurement, and supply chain sectors. Our membership offers you an exclusive gateway to a world of opportunities, including access to industry-leading events, comprehensive training programs, valuable networking opportunities, and cutting-edge resources. Join our growing community of professionals and industry leaders to stay ahead in today’s competitive global market. Embrace the future of logistics, procurement, and supply chain management with SIPMM.

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Discover unparalleled benefits by becoming a SIPMM member. As part of our prestigious professional body, you will gain access to exclusive events, comprehensive training programs, invaluable networking opportunities, and cutting-edge industry resources. Position yourself for success in the logistics, procurement, and supply chain sectors by staying informed and connected with the latest trends, insights, and innovations. Elevate your career and join the community of industry leaders and experts who have chosen SIPMM to unlock their full potential.

Double your professional advantages by enjoying membership benefits from both SIPMM and the Logistics Institute of Singapore (LIS), expanding your opportunities for growth and development in the industry.

Connect with a worldwide network of logistics, procurement, and supply chain professionals, enabling you to collaborate, share ideas, and forge lasting relationships that propel your career forward.

Stay informed and inspired with access to exclusive annual conferences, seminars, and networking events, where you can engage with industry leaders and discover the latest trends and best practices.

Benefit from exclusive rates on our comprehensive range of professional and executive education courses, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving industry.

Enjoy personalised support with a dedicated relationship manager, assigned to facilitate your training requirements and ensure you get the most out of your SIPMM membership.

Take advantage of exclusive rates when booking facilities at the Trade Association Hub, a vibrant space designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth for professionals in logistics, procurement, and supply chain management.

Streamline your recruitment process with access to our exclusive talent pool, showcasing top professionals in logistics, procurement, and supply chain management, ready to contribute to your organisation’s success.

Stay ahead of the curve with access to our extensive library of publications, featuring in-depth analysis of emerging trends and the latest insights, helping you stay informed and competitive in the industry.

To qualify for SIPMM membership, applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria: (1) hold SIPMM Alumni status and have at least 5 years of professional experience in logistics, procurement, or supply chain management, or (2) possess a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the field along with a Bachelor’s Degree recognised by SIPMM. This ensures our community is comprised of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to excellence and continuous growth in the industry.

SIPMM Alumni Status + at least 5 years of professional experience.

At least 10 years of professional experience and a Bachelor’s Degree recognised by SIPMM.

As a SIPMM member, you will enjoy a wealth of benefits designed to advance your career in logistics, procurement, and supply chain management. These fees grant you access to our exclusive events, training programmes, networking opportunities, industry resources, and more. Invest in your professional growth and become a SIPMM member today.


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