Foundation-Level Qualification

Executive Certificate in Contract Negotiation

Executive Certificate in Contract Negotiation

Gain an edge in the digital world

Gain a competitive edge in the digital economy by equipping yourself with industry–relevant knowledge and working on a digital project module that combines industry best practices and techniques with emerging market developments.

2 Modules

This specialised course comprises 2 modules.

1 Digital Modules

1 Project Module

6 Weeks Part-Time

The Executive Certificate qualification can be completed within 6 weeks. The programme is intensive and requires learners to attend class sessions either once or twice a week.

Weekdays evening 7pm to 10pm

1 to 2 times per week

Trade Association Hub

Applicants are advised that this is a foundation level course, and the stated criteria are the minimum consideration for admission approval. All applications are subject to approval by the Academic Board.

At least 21 years old

At least 1 years of relevant work experience

For the Digital Learning module, learners who achieve a minimum score of 80% will also receive a Certificate of Competency that can lead to the professional designation as an Accredited Sustainability Professional (ASP).

Certificate of Competency

Executive Certificate in Contract Negotiation