3 Months Part Time | SkillsFuture Approved | WDA/IRAS Funding

Professional Certificate in Procurement Strategy

3 Months Part Time | SkillsFuture Approved | WDA/IRAS Funding

Professional Certificate in Procurement Strategy

by SIPMM News Team

Professional Certificate in Procurement Strategy

Course Objective

The Professional Certificate in Procurement Strategy course equips students with the knowledge and techniques of a procurement strategy in an organisation. The specialised professional certificate programme covers ten topics on Procurement Strategy.

Course Content

1. Procurement and Supply Strategy

2. Procurement Organisation and Outsourcing

3. Procurement Processes and Technology

4. Specification and Quality in Procurement

5. Inventory and Delivery in Procurement

6. Procurement Price and Cost Management

7. Supplier Management

8. Global Supply Management

9. Legal & Ethical Issues in Procurement

10. Procurement Function Evaluation and Trends

Delivery & Assessment

Faculty members are highly experienced practitioners with post-graduate academic and professional qualifications. Students attend class lectures, and engage in interactive case discussions. Upon completion of all lectures, students will sit for a written examination.

Course Duration & Frequency

This is a part time professional certificate in procurement strategy course that can be completed within 3 months. The procurement strategy course is scheduled to commence in the months of January, April, July and October, but this may subject to changes. Please check with SIPMM Academy on the actual date of commencement.

The lecture timings for the part time classes are shown below:

Time: Weekdays 7pm to 10pm
Frequency: 1 to 2 times per week
Venue: SIPMM Academy Training Premises in Singapore

Academic Award & Recognition

Students must pass the written examination to be awarded the Professional Certificate in Procurement Strategy (PCPS). PCPS graduates who acquired at least 3 years of related experience can qualify to apply for a professional credential to be recognised as a World Accredited Practitioner in Procurement Management, and this credential is awarded by World Certification Institute (WCI).

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