An education arm for the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management established since 1972

An Overview of the Institute

SIPMM provides a range of structured professional part-time courses in the specialised areas of purchasing & procurement, logistics and supply chain management, as well as other business related courses. The institute was set up as an educational arm for a professional not-for-profit organisation, the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), which was established more than 4 decades ago in 1972. The courses are offered at various levels from Executive Certificate to Graduate Diploma, as well short courses at executive and professional level.

SIPMM Institute has an extended corporate training and consulting arm, that conducts professional and skills development workshops on a regular basis. These workshops are organised as Skills Training Workshops and are conducted at hotels. They can also be customised as In-House Trainings delivered at the company’s premise. The focus of each topic is to develop professional and execution skills; such as negotiation, cost-savings strategy, warehousing, trade operations, purchasing operations, supply chain management, supplier management, strategic procurement, global sourcing, integrated logistics management, tender evaluation and contract management.

We focused on 4 core business areas:

We organise and conduct (1) Skills Training Workshops on a regular basis. Interactive programmes are designed for participants to network and benchmark against industry counterparts over trendy topics and these are facilitated by market experts. Topics range from soft skills such as negotiation, business presentations, etc.. to technical and specialised training including six-sigma, business re-structuring, logistics engineering, etc.

We design and conduct customised (2) In-House Trainings. These specialised trainings are designed and delivered at the company’s premises or at external venues that are conducive for skills development of staff. Our approach in customisation of the programme contents for more specific industry/corporate relevance is to initially understand our client’s needs. By working closely with the clients in analysing their requirements, our expert trainers design and develop practical solutions that address their specific needs. Many organisations, public and private, have benefited from our public and customised quality.

We conduct Masterclass sessions and administer requirements for the award of (3) Competency Certificates. These Certification Awards will validate your level of expertise, and provide you with the credentials, appropriate skills and accelerate your professional development. Recipients of these awards are eligible for World Credential Awards that are confered by World Certification Institute (WCI).

We also undertake and provide (4) Consultancy and Ancillary Services to firms, corporations and organisations to enhance the effectiveness of their processes and management decision making. Our team of consultants assist organisations to develop project proposals and acquisition of major assets.

The office for Course Administration, as well as all training rooms, are located at the Trade Association Hub in Jurong Town Hall Road. SIPMM Institute conducts all professional courses in the specialised field of the Logistics, Procurement, & Supply Chain (LPS) sector. The training rooms are fully air-conditioned with comfortable classroom seating arrangement and fully-equipped with modern training equipment. The average lecturer-student ratio of 1 to 20. Our teaching faculty comprises a pool of part-time highly experienced practitioners with the accredited qualifications and professional competence. Every student attending a Professional Course at SIPMM Institute will be provided with a set of Course Material that comprises a Study Guide for each module. All students will be granted access to a specific online learning module.

Training Classroom at SIPMM
Training Classroom at SIPMM

Training Rooms Level 2

  • Trillium I, Capacity: 20 pax
  • Trillium II, Capacity: 30 pax
  • Trillium III, Capacity: 45 pax

Training Rooms Level 4

  • T4A, Capacity 40 pax
  • T4B, Capacity 40 pax
  • T4C, Capacity 40 pax
  • L4A, Capacity 20 pax
  • L4B, Capacity 12 pax
  • L4C, Capacity 20 pax

Training Rooms Level 1

  • T1A, Capacity 40 pax
  • T1B, Capacity 40 pax
  • T1C, Capacity 80 pax
  • L1A, Capacity 20 pax