1½ Months Part Time | SkillsFuture Approved | WDA/IRAS Funding

Executive Certificate in Freight Management Course

1½ Months Part Time | SkillsFuture Approved | WDA/IRAS Funding

Executive Certificate in Freight Management Course

by SIPMM News Team

Executive Certificate in Freight Management

Course Objective

This Executive Certificate in Freight Management course equips students with the knowledge and practices of freight management for international trade operations in an organisation.

This specialised executive certificate programme in freight management comprises 2 modules: an online module on Transportation for Integrated Logistics (TIL) and a module on Skills Project in Freight Management.

The TIL module covers topics on management of freight and carrier, Import and export procedural requirements, as well as Incoterms. The Skills Project module requires students to apply the knowledge gained on international freight practices and work on a project that will enhance the freight processes and functions in an organisation.

Course Structure & Duration

This part time executive certificate in freight management course comprises 18 contact hours and about 18 non-contact hours. The course is intensive and requires students to attend class sessions once a week.

Faculty & Mode of Delivery

This executive certificate course in freight management incorporates a blended learning mode, where students attend lectures and undertake online learning through recorded videos. Our faculty comprises highly experienced practitioners with the post-graduate academic and professional qualifications.

The mode of delivery for TIL module is online learning. The Skills Project module is facilitated through class sessions and conducted in phases where students are guided to work on an approved project until completion. Students are expected to make use of relevant websites for the purposes of learning and working on the project.

Topics for TIL Module

1. Freight Management and Documentation

2. Transport Efficiency & Carrier Management

3. Import Regulations and Documentation

4. Export Procedures and Operations

5. FTA, Trade Liabilities, and Incoterm

Commencement & Lecture Timings

This Executive Certificate course in Freight Management is conducted part time on a weekday evening. Please check with SIPMM office on the actual date of commencement. The lecture timings for the part time classes are shown in the table below:

Timing Weekday – 7pm to 10pm
Frequency once per week
Venue SIPMM Academy Training Premises in Singapore

Academic Award

Students who pass this course within the candidature period, will be awarded with an Executive Certificate in Freight Management (ECFM).

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