Managerial Level

Developing Cost-Savings Strategies

2-day intensive and interactive training sessions

Weekdays, 9.30 am – 5.30 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Facilitated by an expert trainer in-person / virtually

Attain Certificate of Competency upon completion

About this programme

The developing cost-savings strategies programme provides an overview of cost-saving measures and ways to eliminate inefficiencies. It examines how cost-savings methods benefit a company, from cost optimisation and cost reduction efforts to cash flow management. This comprehensive programme provides participants with essential knowledge about cost management principles and cost control techniques so that they can better understand their organisation’s budgets as well as identify new areas for cost reduction. Learning about cost savings strategies will enable participants to enhance their existing skills, gain new competencies to take on administrative roles more efficiently, and ultimately be part of more productive teams.

This programme is developed by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), with industry advisory from global providers and organisations that provide career pathways and job specifications for skills upgrading and mastery. The programme is facilitated by an expert trainer, who has extensive years of experience holding leadership positions in logistics, procurement, and supply chain management. The training session is expected to be lively and interactive, interspersed with relevant exercises and modern case studies on cost-savings strategies.

Why should you enrol in this programme?

Enrolling in cost-savings strategies programme is an ideal way to gain the knowledge and resources necessary to understand cost implications, develop cost management plans and devise cost saving initiatives. Moreover, cost saving strategies course offers comprehensive content that provides comprehensive coverage of all the key cost savings topics. From forecasting and budgeting to value engineering, a cost saving strategies programme can teach you how to control cost without sacrificing quality or service. Additionally, you will learn how to identify areas of cost wastage in your organisation and implement actions that bring real results while engaging staff at all levels in the process. All of these insights can be put into place with taking this cost-savings strategies course.

Who should enrol in this programme?

There are several types of professionals who might benefit from enrolling in this programme:

  1. Business owners and executives who want to improve the financial performance of their company.
  2. Financial managers and analysts who want to learn new techniques for reducing expenses and increasing profitability.
  3. Supply chain and logistics professionals who want to negotiate better deals with suppliers and reduce inventory costs.
  4. Operations managers and lean manufacturing professionals who want to streamline processes and increase efficiency.
  5. IT professionals who want to learn how to reduce software licensing costs and find cost-effective solutions for their company.

Enrolling in a cost-saving strategies programme can benefit professionals from a wide range of industries and job roles. It can provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to identify cost saving opportunities and implement effective strategies to reduce expenses and increase profitability.

How can you benefit from this programme?

This programme offer the opportunity for businesses and individuals to make cost-conscious decisions that can lead to large cost savings. Through this programme, professionals are able to:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the different techniques and methods for reducing expenses and increasing profitability.
  2. Develop the skills needed to identify areas of waste and inefficiency in a business and implement strategies to address them.
  3. Learn how to negotiate with suppliers and vendors to get better deals.
  4. Use data analytics and other tools to identify cost saving opportunities.
  5. Network with other professionals and experts in the field of cost saving strategies.
  6. Earn a certification or credential that demonstrates expertise in cost saving strategies.

Overall, participating in a cost-savings strategies programme can provide valuable knowledge and skills that can help a business or individual improve their financial performance and stability. It can also provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

Qualify for Accredited Designation Award

At the end of this programme, each participant will attain a Certificate of Competency. This specialised Certificate of Competency is awarded by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM) and is accredited by Logistics Institute of Singapore. When a participant attains 3 Competency Certificates, the participant can qualify for the Accredited Designation award. For more information about the qualifying criteria for the Accredited Designation award, please visit

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