Mr. Wong Ngee Min

Valedictory Speech given during 2007 Graduation Ceremony

Good afternoon….

2003 was a big change in my career when my company underwent major restructuring exercise. I was offered to join the Stores Department as their Supervisor but prior to that, I was working as the Composite Design Technician in the Engineering Department.

Without any formal education in stores management, my involvement in the daily activities has become my on-the-job training. After a discussion with my Head of Department, SIPMM was shortlisted among the many training providers. I was then enrolled for the Certificate in Logistics Management (CLM) course which has provided me the fundamental principles and skills in running the stores and other-related activities. But the road of acquiring new knowledge has never stopped there, as my roles and responsibilities had demanded a deeper understanding of the various functions and newer ways of operation.

Soon after completing CLM, my company enrolled me for the Diploma in Logistics Management (DLM) course. This Diploma had helped me to see beyond stores functions and it had also broadened my view of the entire supply chain. By knowing the importance of both the up- and down-stream customers, I am able to view things in different perspectives and this motivated me in wanting to establish and foster further good working relationship. Armed with the knowledge and skills acquired in other subjects from this Diploma, I must say that I became more confident when dealing with cross department functions personnel.

During the DLM course, I encountered several setbacks as my elder brother, who was the closest to me, was diagnosed with cancer. He was in and out of the hospital many times and, sadly, he left us one year later. My studies, assignments, lessons, etc… were affected. Luckily, with the support and understanding from the SIPMM staff as well as my Course Lecturers, I managed to complete my Diploma in time and achieved good grades. Without them, I might have to defer my course and perhaps not being able to do well.

I am glad that my company and I have chosen the right training institute. Given the industry-relevant course curricula and quality training that I have acquired from SIPMM and its highly experienced teaching staff, I am now undertaking their Degree programme!”