Ms. R. Buvanesvari

Valedictory Speech given during 2017 Graduation Ceremony

Good Afternoon dear all,

Firstly, I would like to thank SIPMM for giving me the honor to speak today.

How did I manage to go through my 9 months of Advance diploma? To be honest it was not an easy path, especially since it has been ages since I was a student. However, life gives me many robes to wear as a wife, mother and a working woman. I personally believe it is the determination with me, always wanting to achieve something in my life and pushing myself to rise up to the challenges. I had a very hard time in this course especially with my Management Project. I was like how am I going to do it or can I do it? These were the 2 questions pondering in my mind but in the end I did it successfully. I tried not to miss my classes, and there was a period when I was very sick with fever and flu. But I still went for my class. I had my medicines in my hand and will consume them during my classes. Knowing that I was not well our good lecturers would allow me to go back home early. Thank you lecturers once again.

I had to wake up really early in the morning about 3.30am or 4am just to do my project work and then emailed my professor before going to work. This was how I managed to do my project work.

At the end of the course when I knew that I passed all my subjects I was on cloud nine. I cannot explain how happy I was. I looked up and said dear lord thank you so much, its all yours… I always remember this verse, it is always in my mind and my heart that “God will help those who help themselves”.

Not taking much of your time I like to thank my hubby. He is always there for me 24/7. He would fetch me after my class and we would have dinner together. My brother, Puvan gave me some ideas how to start my project work. In fact I disturbed him a lot actually, thank you Thambi (brother). Thank you to our Professor Philip Poh who always motivates us. A man, no no no a Hero with full of energy and positive attitudes god bless him always with good health. And thank you Ms Lee for granting my request to sit in the exam room before the exam start. I asked her permission one day or two days in advance if I could come down earlier to study and she agreed. Thank you so much Ms Lee and of course thank you to my other lecturers who also shared a lot of their life experiences with us. Their knowledge is a big sea. A very Big thank you to all of you. And my both parents are here as well, I am really very sure that this is their joyful moment and unforgettable moment too.

Last but not least I would like to end by sharing this quote that I live by. I want to be a legacy for my family before I depart myself from this universe one day. A legacy is not only about leaving what you earn but also what you learn and what you leave for your family and children. To me, it is the knowledge that I have learnt throughout in my life journey and in this course, and I want to pass to my family, especially my children.

Thank you once again SIPMM for giving me this wonderful and unforgettable opportunity to speak.. dear friends. Please do not give up in life. Always remember you have what it takes to achieve something and become a LEGACY for your family.

Thank you all and God bless you.

Valedictory Speech by R. Buvanesvari