Ms. Chua Yan Kim

Valedictory Speech given during 2005 Graduation Ceremony

Good afternoon….

“Four years ago, I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, with a Diploma in Business Administration, specialising in Tourism.

Back then, due to the outbreak of SARS, it was quite difficult for me to find a job in the tourism industry. As a result, I accepted a job as a buyer in an electronics company. And this marks a significant change in my career path. Being the youngest and the most inexperienced staff in my department, I told myself that it is necessary for me to work extra hard to gain a foothold in the company. So, I started to learn the basic purchasing techniques from my superiors through OJT or On-the-Job-Training.

I was beginning to enjoy my work very much and my desire to acquire more knowledge had spurred me to embark on this course – Bachelor of Business Administration (specialising in Purchasing & Logistics Management) offered by SIPMM and awarded by SCU.

When I took up this course, my main objective was to gain as much knowledge and skills from the course as possible, to help me in my job as a buyer. Of course, the degree will also come in handy for my career advancement in the future. But my quest for knowledge acquisition was far different from the days when I was a polytechnic student. My emphasis then was to pass my examinations with the highest possible grades……….but as an adult student, I need to “re-learn” and apply the acquired knowledge that I learned from SIPMM, to my job.

One of the challenges I faced in the pursuit of this degree, is the need to develop effective time management. Trust me, to juggle work, study and life effectively is not easy. It involves a lot of discipline, commitment and sacrifices on our part. The people around us, such as our family members, colleagues and classmates also play important roles to help us pull through this period.

Looking back, I really appreciate the change in the depth of my understanding. After attaining this BBA degree, I am beginning to do much better than I ever expect. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from the course lecturers at SCU and SIPMM, and see myself growing and becoming a very skilful buyer. Now, I work with so much more confidence than before. The earning of this degree has unlocked many new doors which I have never known that existed. Not only my career has advanced, my whole realm of thoughts has deepened.

Now I look at work issues more profoundly and I am able to contribute my thoughts to my work team from a different perspective. In short, the way that I look at the world has changed… as well as the way I see myself. Of course, these would not have happened without this BBA degree and more importantly, the course lecturers and SIPMM. There is no doubt that the supply chain industry is full of challenges and I must say SIPMM has equipped me well in response to today’s challenges and opportunities. Thank you.