2 Days Skills Development Workshops

Managing Sourcing

2 Days Skills Development Workshops

Managing Sourcing

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Conducting a Supplier Survey & Audit

Global Industry has become more aware that service responsiveness, engineering change and recovery/contingency management are every bit as important as price in cultivating synergistic business partnerships. How can you be sure that you are working with worthy suppliers to yield organisational sustainable competitive advantage? Are there better options to create and manage crème de la crème suppliers?

This workshop addresses the strategic aspects of supplier certification and deals with industry tactics and triggers connected with screening, evaluating, tracking and auditing supplier performance.

Executives or those involved in the sourcing, evaulating, selecting and developing supplier; and in particular personnel engaged in procurement operations.

Global Sourcing Management

Global sourcing is rapidly becoming a prerequisite to compete successfully in today’s marketplace. Virtually, all companies will be tapping resources globally. In going global, companies must learn to capture the strategic benefits of global sourcing while mitigating the risks.

This two-day lively workshop covers the preparatory stages of going global, the benefits and pitfalls, as well as the key success factors of global sourcing. The workshop also covers the techniques for global sourcing strategies, leveraging global sourcing as a competitive advantage, as well as an appreciation of the complexity involved in developing sourcing strategies within a dynamic global environment.

This workshop is designed for all personnel working in any industry and service establishments.

For those who are keen to develop a sound knowledge on the practices of global sourcing process and global sourcing strategies, this is a “MUST-ATTEND” workshop.

Effective Supplier Management

Sourcing and selecting the right supplier is an important exercise for any company, as the wrong supplier decision can bring about Immense risks to the company. An effective sourcing process enables a company to understand their requirements fully and ensure that the selected suppliers can meet their expectations. There are also other legal and ethical issues that warrant serious considerations, when selecting suppliers.

The technique for evaluating supplier performance is a critical skill to manage risks associated with suppliers. An effective evaluation technique enables a company to understand the full extent of risks especially where suppliers are lacking in performance. It also enables better co-ordination between the buyer and supplier, and can motivate suppliers to improve performance.

This 2-day lively workshop guides practitioners on the techniques for effective supplier management. This workshop is designed for all personnel working in any industry and service establishments.

For those who are keen to develop a sound knowledge on effective supplier management, this is a “MUST-ATTEND” workshop.

Strategic Procurement Management

Strategic procurement management offers a great opportunity to improve a firm’s competitive position. As the average industrial firm spends close to 60 percent of its sales value on materials, services and capital equipment, any advantage gained through strategic and tactical procurement can contribute to a firm’s competitive position in the global marketplace.

This workshop provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of corporate procurement, its strategic and integrative contribution toward an organisation’s cutting edge, coupled with an appreciation of various analytical tools to formulate focused procurement strategies.

Executives or Managers who are involved in the management of procurement functions, as well as cross-functional team members who are accountable for sustainable procurement strategies.

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