Key Strategies to implement a Digital Supply Chain

Written by Alvin Tan, GDSCM

by Alvin Tan, GDSCM

Digital framework connects data in supply chain and provides an integrated view throughout the supply chain lifecycle. Explosion of connections, information, innovations and technologies have brought great news for the business and the consumers alike. Many companies are already working to introduce digital technology into their operations. However, simply adding digital technology is not the answer.

A digital supply chain still encompasses all the elements of a traditional supply chain. Materials move from country to country across the value chain toward the consumer. While the factories, people and products which make up global supply chains can only move as quickly as the physical world allows, the digital supply chain allows them to communicate with each other instantaneously. Businesses will require to rethink on the digital processes, focusing on market opportunity and risk. Re-imagine supply chain as a Digital Supply Network (DSN).

The Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain

Supply chain management is not one of the legacy academic subjects existed for hundreds or thousands of year, but rather a young and evolving subject. The diagram below shows the road to Industry 4.0 on the digitization on every aspect of business.

Adapted from Stefan Schrauf and Philipp Berttram.

Driving the transformation to the digital supply chain are two tightly intertwined trends. On one hand, new technologies like big data analytics, the cloud, and the Internet of Things are pushing into the market. On the other, more expectations on the part of consumers, and business partners are pulling companies to develop more reliable and responsive supply chains.

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About the Author: Alvin Tan has substantial years of experience in the field of production planning, in particular the semiconductor and micro technology industries. Alvin is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), and has completed the Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (GDSCM) in June 2017 at SIPMM Academy.

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