Impact of Shale Oil on Corporate Procurement in the Global Oil and Gas Industry

Written by Lim Shuhui, ADPSM

by Lim Shuhui, ADPSM

The Earth contains large amounts of hydrocarbons that are not contained within what might be called conventional reservoirs. These unconventional deposits are often difficult to access, relatively expensive to develop and require advanced technologies to make production possible.

Unconventional hydrocarbons represent the future of fossil fuel supply. Arguably the most exciting unconventional deposits are those provided by shale gas and shale oil, hydrocarbons generated and retained by fine grained sedimentary rocks.

With conventional hydrocarbon reserves being rapidly utilised, a future in which demand for conventional deposits outstrips supply is inevitable. Hence, attention is turning to unconventional resources to satisfy our present and future oil and gas needs.

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About the Author: LIM Shuhui has extensive experience in the procurement and logistics sector, specifically in the field of oil & gas refinery. She is a qualified member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management. Shuhui is currently pursuing a course at SIPMM Academy on Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management (ADPSM).