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The August reading of the Singapore Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) dipped 0.1 point from the previous month to record a marginal expansion at 50.1. This is the second month of expansion for the overall manufacturing sector. The Electronics Sector PMI posted an increase of 1.4 points from the previous month to record an expansion at 50.6, which is the highest recorded reading since September 2018 when the reading was 51.4.

Month/YearSingapore PMIElectronics Sector PMI
August 202050.150.6
July 202050.249.2
June 202048.047.6
May 202046.846.2
April 202044.742.8
March 202045.444.1
February 202048.747.6
January 202050.350.1
December 201950.149.9
November 201949.849.7
October 201949.649.3
September 201949.549.1
August 201949.949.4
July 201949.849.3
June 201949.649.2
May 201949.949.4
April 201950.349.5
March 201950.849.8
February 201950.449.5
January 201950.749.6
December 201851.149.8
November 201851.549.9
October 201851.950.5

SIPMM Institute is the educational arm of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management. The institute publishes the Singapore Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) on a monthly basis. The Singapore PMI has become a key barometer of the Singapore manufacturing economy and has been highly sought after by local and international news agencies, banks, investment and stock-broking firms.

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The Singapore PMI is published monthly in the major language press media, such as The Straits Times, The Business Times, The New Paper, Chinese Daily News LianHe ZaoBao and the Malay Daily News Berita Harian. The index is also reported regularly in the international media, as well as economic and research agencies worldwide. In addition, the Channel News Asia and News Radio 93.8 also broadcast the monthly news release of the index.

SIPMM Monthly Bulletin is a 4-page publication that features the Singapore PMI and the Electronics Sector Index, as well as the various indicators that affect the well-being of the manufacturing sectors. The monthly issues are available for Institutional Members only. For more information about SIPMM Monthly Bulletin, please email [email protected].

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