Organisation Chart

Advisory Council


Board of Directors

Dr Keith Sloan

Council Members:
Professor Lau Geok Theng
Mr Kay Kong Swan
Mr Lee Eng Keat
Mr Wong Kwee Meng
Dr Edwin Long
BG Pang Hee Hon

Executive Director
(PEI Manager):

Stephen Poh


Dr Keith Sloan

Academic Board

Keith Sloan (Chair)
Lau Geok Theng
Sophia Poh
Prof Philip Poh

Examination Board

Lau Geok Theng (Chair)
Keith Sloan
Sophia Poh
Wong Kwee Meng

Course Development & Administration
Faculty & Resource Management
Finance & Statutory Compliance
Digital Development & Operations
Industry Engagement & Development
In view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the SIPMM Team is working from home. Please contact us at 68171717 or email [email protected] for further assistance.