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By Ms Nur Zita Binte Mahat
SIPMM Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (2015)
Valedictory Speech given during 2015 Graduation Ceremony
Good afternoon .....
I promised myself I should not cry as I do not want to ruin my make-up. So I hope that I can deliver this steadily. When I first received news that I was the top student and I needed to deliver a speech, I thought to myself...ok, let's just google this. But then I was like, hey, that wouldn't be right because it wasn't me and it doesn't show my personality. And google couldn't describe my feelings.
As much as I am happy to be standing here and given this 5 minutes of fame, I wish in my heart that this time had come sooner and my late father would have been here with me. But sadly, that is not to be. I do have a mother though, who is still quite a dreamer at her youthful age. Before school even ended, she already somehow knew that one day I will be standing on a stage like this and delivering a speech. So in a way, this is a little like deja vu for me, because I have somehow imagined this day. I guess dreams from the people who really care for you do somehow turn into reality. And I have learnt the power of belief from this.
One and a half years ago I walked into class looking like a shabby over-aged teenager, when in actual fact I was an unemployed housewife with too much time and ZERO knowledge of the industry. I have repeated this like a broken record (and I can feel my classmates rolling their eyes at my proclaims once again). The keen interest I have in the industry made me step into the world of the unknown, pushing myself to new challenges.
16th June 2014, my first day in school... after a long, long time of more than a decade. My first lesson was MMS, taught by Prof Lau Geok Theng. Internally, I had a really hard time coping and adapting, but I was too proud and fearful to admit it. I was experiencing major culture shock. I was nervous, scared, trembling, with tummy pains from all the tension... Still, I decided to press on. After all it was only Day One and I have already started and since I am not known to be a quitter, I had to stay on. Moreover, my ego is far too large for quitting.
Fast forward 8 months later, and after completing 4 modules, taught by 4 other lecturers : Dr Siew Ngung Chia, Mr Koh How Eng, Jane and Sophia.... low and behold, I am in my final term, on my last 2 modules.
I was secretly petrified about Professor Poh who was going to lead the module. I have heard “stories” about him, even though we have not met. Not helping my apprehension, I of course HAD to be late, the one and only time I was ever late for class was on my very first lesson with Prof. Poh [GASP]. I was rushing to class straight from the airport and thanks {or no thanks} to an accident on the ECP that day, I was 1 hour and 15 minutes late. I was panicking throughout the journey!
I made a bold entrance (although I was chicken inside). I thought I would have been devoured there and then, but Prof Poh turned out to be this warm, kind, endearing fatherly figure.and not some scary being who looked as threatening as he had been made to sound and have no qualms to tell you that you did wrong and it's time to pull up your socks, as I learnt much later. 
Over the course of the next 12 weeks, we as a class, had a ball of a time. One of the lessons that hit me the most was when I submitted to Prof Poh the final draft of my disseration. It was less than dismal and in his words he said I could do much better than that.. and I was off track. I was crushed and totally disappointed with myself. I was even angry that I didn't get it right. But.... I told myself I cannot and will not concede defeat. So the following week when it was time for our individual power point presentation, I totally aced it and I got back the points that I have lost. And that was the first achievement of my 2 milestones. And today, I can proudly say that I am one of his 2 A* students. But it definitely didn't come easy. All of these happened because of his guidance, mentoring, advice and what I think is most important was his constructive criticism. Another person whom I'd like to give a special tribute to but is unable to be here today, is Mr David Tan. I sincerely thank him for his massive patience with me and for entertaining my constant questions. Had my lecturers not given me the lifeline to connect with them directly, I may not have produced the results I did, and thereby stand before you today. In this growing and learning journey, one other valuable lesson that I drew in this was support from my fellow classmates. Despite the competition, I trust that we genuinely wanted each other to perform well and succeed. To me, that is a true reflection of comradeship.
My classmates in my final term were nothing short of amazing. What really impressed me was their drive, commitment and discipline on top of their support, encouragement, advice and assistance to me. Aisha, Ken Soh and Jenny, I can never thank you enough for all your advice and assistance. William, Pui Key, Wan Ying, Evien, Louis, Sonia, Lisa, thank you for believing in me and for giving me your support in one way or another. 
Above all these, my most special tribute is reserved for my sister. If you may know, she was a nurse by profession. But from my very first assignment down to the last assignment and project submission, my sister was there for me all the way. She had helped me so much with her valuable advice and by commenting and dissecting my assignments. Also absolutely clueless to this industry, she represented the perspective of an unknown third party, and injected [pun on the word, cos she’s a nurse] her point of view as an imaginary consumer. It was from there I knew my work was understood and that I got my message across. Thank you sister for all that you have supported me in. I want to thank my husband and both my brothers for spoiling me and letting me enjoy the pampering. I never missed a day of school because I was also promised to be fetched after class by anyone of them. It pays to be the youngest at times....
All in all, my journey with SIPMM has been nothing short of memorable and fun. I enjoyed my time in class, as a learner and a classmate and had some really good laughs together. I cherish this memory and moments we have shared and I wish we could have had more time with one another. As crazy as this sound, I still miss school and hope we will cross paths with one another again in future. From someone who knew absolutely nothing, I have now become quite knowledgeable. If I hadn't come to SIPMM, I might not have done this well. That's a hypothetical assumption. But I thank my lucky stars for the choice I made and I was therefore given a chance to work with a dedicated and selfless group of lecturers. 
So thank you everyone of you who have supported me and who trusted me enough to rely on my advice and valued my contributions. I will end by saying, “We all need a little challenge in our lives. So be brave and push yourself. Take that leap of faith because you never know if what lies ahead could turn out to be amazing for you. And last but not least, always be kind to one another.” Thank you.

Mr. Wong Ngee Min
Bachelor of Business Administration (2010)
SIPMM Diploma in Logistics Management (2007)
SIPMM Certificate in Logistics Management (2005)
Valedictory Speech given during 2007 Graduation Ceremony
Good afternoon .....
2003 was a big change in my career when my company underwent major restructuring exercise. I was offered to join the Stores Department as their Supervisor but prior to that, I was working as the Composite Design Technician in the Engineering Department.

Without any formal education in stores management, my involvement in the daily activities has become my on-the-job training. After a discussion with my Head of Department, SIPMM was shortlisted among the many training providers. I was then enrolled for the Certificate in Logistics Management (CLM) course which has provided me the fundamental principles and skills in running the stores and other-related activities. But the road of acquiring new knowledge has never stopped there, as my roles and responsibilities had demanded a deeper understanding of the various functions and newer ways of operation.
Soon after completing CLM, my company enrolled me for the Diploma in Logistics Management (DLM) course. This Diploma had helped me to see beyond stores functions and it had also broadened my view of the entire supply chain. By knowing the importance of both the up- and down-stream customers, I am able to view things in different perspectives and this motivated me in wanting to establish and foster further good working relationship. Armed with the knowledge and skills acquired in other subjects from this Diploma, I must say that I became more confident when dealing with cross department functions personnel. 
During the DLM course, I encountered several setbacks as my elder brother, who was the closest to me, was diagnosed with cancer. He was in and out of the hospital many times and, sadly, he left us one year later. My studies, assignments, lessons, etc… were affected. Luckily, with the support and understanding from the SIPMM staff as well as my Course Lecturers, I managed to complete my Diploma in time and achieved good grades. Without them, I might have to defer my course and perhaps not being able to do well.
I am glad that my company and I have chosen the right training institute. Given the industry-relevant course curricula and quality training that I have acquired from SIPMM and its highly experienced teaching staff, I am now undertaking their Degree programme!”

Ms. Christina Ho 
Advanced Diploma in Purchasing & Materials Management (2007)
Valedictory Speech given during 2007 Graduation Ceremony     

Good afternoon .....
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Awards Selection Committee of SIPMM for selecting me as the Top Graduand for Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management, Year 2007.
I graduated 15 years ago with the Bachelor of Economics (Accounting). Having a basic undergraduate degree then, allowed me to flap my wings and expand my horizon into the labor force, as an Accountant and Financial Analyst. I was employed by GLC and MNC in property management, investment banking and transportation industries. Over the years, with increasing responsibilities, it was time to update and upgrade myself.

When I was searching for a “next step” into my career, I found Supply Chain to be extremely satisfying as I was in the heartbeat of the Company, being a central contact point, providing services to internal and external customers. Simplifying processes in Supply Chain and implementing ERP were my primary and core functions then. I knew that I needed to substantiate my newly found daily bread with a strong and solid foundation.

I attended a 3-day seminar at SIPMM as an appetizer into Supply Chain and truly found the course interesting and worthwhile. After some research among the Institutes providing courses in this area, I selected SIPMM based on its professionalism and teaching methods that the lecturers use. More importantly, I was looking for a “hands-on” course, not a purely academic course that I would not apply to my daily duties and responsibilities. This balanced my tasks as a Manager in Procurement and Supply Chain Department within the Company and my attachment to Supply Chain grew favorably as the months went by.

The ADPMM truly benefited and complemented my role in Procurement as the topics and assignments covered are currents facts and challenges faced in the changing world of Supply Chain. Wide reading is required to further enhance the mastery of Procurement and Logistics topics. The solid foundation and fundamental principles provided by the lecturers in each subject matter allowed me to further expand my horizons beyond the inward thinking that Supply Chain only belongs to cost centre of a Company. I was able to turn around the department to a revenue centre and bring Procurement into the next level of core cross-functional department within the Company.

It has been a rewarding journey to once again be a mature-aged entry student. Moving on 15 years later, I am now a mother of two young boys, a wife to a supportive husband and an employee to a US MNC. Juggling the hours to studies wore off thin as assignments needed to be handed in and examinations were round the corner. There are many more hats to wear as I grow older. Nevertheless, time management and self-discipline are the vital essence to a good balance. With the assistance and support of the lecturers and administrative staff of SIPMM, this challenging passage was worth every bit of its journey for me, as a student, still young at heart. Thank you. 
By Ms. Teo Xin Yi
Bachelor of Business Administration (32nd Intake)
Valedictory Speech given during Graduation Ceremony
Good afternoon .....

We have gathered here to celebrate our graduation and congratulations to all the graduates who are here today. I am very honoured to have been invited by SIPMM to share my learning experiences with everyone.

I remember when I first graduated with my Diploma, I had absolutely no clue as to what I wanted to do. There was the idea to continue my studies but there were so many different degree courses out there and I did not want to jump into any degree that was not going to be of my interest and not be of any help in my future career. So I went ahead to get a job and eventually landed myself as a buyer in a manufacturing sector.

For the five years there, I realised I was getting way too comfortable for my own good. Have you ever thought of not wanting to move out of your comfort zone? You are so comfortable with your job, the lifestyle and environment you are in that anything new or that will disrupt this zone will cause you to turn back and run away? I nearly did because I did not want additional burden but I came to realise that with the increasing competitiveness in our economy, it has become a necessity for one to be continuously upgraded in order to have a competitive edge in the workforce. Took a leap of faith, I enrolled with SIPMM and here I am, grateful that I did not turn my back. This BBA course offered by Southern Cross University was the perfect fit to what I am interested in and which I can relate to. Thanks to Southern Cross University and SIPMM for offering such a great, value-added degree.
I quote Napoleon Hill who said that “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness”. Studying a part-time degree course is never easy. I believe all the graduates here would wholeheartedly agree with me. Most of us here have work and family commitments and the sacrifices made to take up this course cannot be described by words alone.

Juggling assignments and examinations together with work can take a toll on us. In addition, some of you are parents with children demanding attention and time. We had to make sacrifices. Sacrifices such as time taken away from spending with our family and loved ones. The cancelled dates, postponed holidays and sacrifices like lack of sleep. I bet many of you still remember going to work and being so drained out from energy after a night of rushing an assignment. Sacrifices like not being able to do the things you used to do and love to do. Of course, how can we leave out the huge sacrifice of parting with our year-end bonuses to pay for the course fee? That was quite a big sacrifice and the list goes on. But don't you all agree with me that it's all worth it? We earned our degree and made our loved ones proud today.

Let us not forget the sacrifices that our lecturers and tutors had made. They too had sacrificed their time to give us lessons and share their experiences. Thanks to Professor Lau, Mr Kay and Mr Siew for your interesting and engaging lessons. Many times you would give examples of real case scenarios into what we are reading and this really allowed us to relate to the books and not just plain reading and memorising what we had to learn. Thanks to Mr Fu, Mr Chua and Mr Chan, you all had one of the most challenging classes and you mould us to perfect our work and strive for better grades. I still remember there was one lesson when Mr Chua actually brought his Ukulele and played it in front of class to emphasise to us the fact that “practice makes perfect”. If he could perfect his Ukulele playing skills, why can’t we perfect our writing skills? I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the lecturers who had taught us, thank you so much.

To my classmates, you are a wonderful bunch. All of you come from different backgrounds. It makes learning so much more interesting when you are hearing different perspectives from different people. From sharing notes to sharing reading materials to answering doubts, we stood by one and encouraged another for 20 months. Thank you so much.

I would also like to thank my parents. If not for their belief of the importance of an education, I probably wouldn't even be here. Dad and Mum, you are always there supporting me, making sure I could concentrate on my studies. It's the little actions like fetching me back home from classes to heating up my meal when I reach home, that I told myself I have to go all out and show you what I can achieve. I hope I have done you proud.

Lastly, thank you everyone for your time and good luck to all graduates. I wish everyone success in your future life path.
By Ms. Stella Leow Siew Yen
Bachelor of Business Administration (25th Intake)
Valedictory Speech given during Graduation Ceremony
Good afternoon .....
Firstly, I would like to congratulate each and every one of our graduates and award recipients who are here with us, this afternoon. Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the lecturers and tutors, who have been patient and enthusiastic in imparting their vast knowledge and experience in the Logistics Management and Purchasing Industries to me and my classmates.
I am very honoured to be invited by SIPMM, to share my woes and joys, in this course, with all of you. I could remember that in 2006, when my company Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre encouraged me to send in my application for this BBA course, I was very reluctant to do so, as I have many considerations and constraints then as I am a mother of 3 boys who were then 4 and 2 years old. During that period, I had also been assigned to be in-charge of a section comprising 7 purchasing staff. However, knowing most of my colleagues in Pioneer have enrolled in this course and have successfully completed the programme, some even with outstanding results, I know that I have no choice, but to bite the bullet and to go through this.
On a serious note, to borrow a quote from Aristotle, a Greek writer and philosopher, "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet". I did experience bitterness when I started on this course. Imagine, I had to balance between my work, family and studies for almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It practically leaves me with no time and energy to do my personal stuff. However, the fruit which bore after these 20 months of “blood and sweat”, long nights of poring through books and web-sites, and putting up of assignments and examinations, was sweet and refreshing. I have never regretted enrolling into this BBA course as it gave me great insight into the fundamentals of logistics management and purchasing.
During the interaction with my lecturers and classmates, I have learnt both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects which are real, and what I face everyday in my work. I am also grateful to my lecturers namely Mr Fu, Mr Kay, Mr Chua and classmates especially Evelyn and Cynthia, for the many hours of discussions, interactions, sharing of notes and arguments too. You have all made my participation in the lessons and discussions more interesting and meaningful.
I feel that continuous education is not only about attaining a degree certificate. This programme not only enhanced my knowledge in this trade, but it also gives me the confidence to tackle issues related to logistics and purchasing. This BBA programme also serves as a good platform, for me to know and network with other fellow colleagues in the industry. I will definitely treasure the times that we spent together and the friendship that we built over these 20 months. Rest assured, I will definitely keep in close contact with you guys.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the management and staff of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre, for their encouragement, understanding and support, in allowing me to go on leaves and time-offs, during my studies. Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents and my husband, for their understanding and support throughout my course. There were many days when we have to cancel or shorten our family outings, to rush home so as to meet the course deadlines. You were great and understanding to manage and take care of my 3 boys, which is in fact my duty as a mother. Without your support and encouragement, I would not be able to meet the many challenges in this course.
Dear fellow graduates, I know you will agree with the things that I have just mentioned and in appreciation of our family and friends who have given us their support and love during our course of studies, I would like to invite all the graduates to give a round of applause, to express our gratitude to our family members and friends. We will now give three cheers together as a sign of thanks. When I say Hip-hip, can you please shout out Hoo-ray.
Finally, I wish all of you every success in your future endeavors. Thank you and have a nice day. 



By Ms. Chua Yan Kim

Bachelor of Business Administration (22nd Intake)
Valedictory Speech given during Graduation Ceremony
Good afternoon .....
“Four years ago, I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, with a Diploma in Business Administration, specialising in Tourism.
Back then, due to the outbreak of SARS, it was quite difficult for me to find a job in the tourism industry. As a result, I accepted a job as a buyer in an electronics company. And this marks a significant change in my career path. Being the youngest and the most inexperienced staff in my department, I told myself that it is necessary for me to work extra hard to gain a foothold in the company. So, I started to learn the basic purchasing techniques from my superiors through OJT or On-the-Job-Training.
I was beginning to enjoy my work very much and my desire to acquire more knowledge had spurred me to embark on this course – Bachelor of Business Administration (specialising in Purchasing & Logistics Management) offered by SIPMM and awarded by SCU.

When I took up this course, my main objective was to gain as much knowledge and skills from the course as possible, to help me in my job as a buyer. Of course, the degree will also come in handy for my career advancement in the future. But my quest for knowledge acquisition was far different from the days when I was a polytechnic student. My emphasis then was to pass my examinations with the highest possible grades……….but as an adult student, I need to “re-learn” and apply the acquired knowledge that I learned from SIPMM, to my job.

One of the challenges I faced in the pursuit of this degree, is the need to develop effective time management. Trust me, to juggle work, study and life effectively is not easy. It involves a lot of discipline, commitment and sacrifices on our part. The people around us, such as our family members, colleagues and classmates also play important roles to help us pull through this period.

Looking back, I really appreciate the change in the depth of my understanding. After attaining this BBA degree, I am beginning to do much better than I ever expect. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from the course lecturers at SCU and SIPMM, and see myself growing and becoming a very skilful buyer. Now, I work with so much more confidence than before. The earning of this degree has unlocked many new doors which I have never known that existed. Not only my career has advanced, my whole realm of thoughts has deepened.
Now I look at work issues more profoundly and I am able to contribute my thoughts to my work team from a different perspective. In short, the way that I look at the world has changed… as well as the way I see myself. Of course, these would not have happened without this BBA degree and more importantly, the course lecturers and SIPMM. There is no doubt that the supply chain industry is full of challenges and I must say SIPMM has equipped me well in response to today’s challenges and opportunities. Thank you.